Protection clothes replaces personal clothing and has been designed to provide protection against danger or external risks that threaten the health or safety of the user.

Leitat has the capacity to certify the following types of protection clothes:

Improvement of the user’s visibility

High visibility PPEs are personal protection equipment which are essential and compulsory in many work centres.

This type of PPE is used when the user is under poor visibility conditions and may be at risk. Therefore, it is necessary for clothes to have a specific fluorescent and reflective treatment so that it can be visible to other people.

Materials these PPEs are made of are fluorescent and reflective.

These high visibility materials should cover a larger or smaller surface on the clothes to be classified as PPE type 1, 2 or 3.

Colours used are yellow, orange and red and should have the chromatic level set out in the regulations.

Thermal protection and firefighters

Safety clothing for firefighters protects the firefighter’s bodies when fighting against fire or related activities.

The safety clothing equipment should be complemented with fire PPEs, personal protection equipment suitable to totally protect the worker.

This type of protection clothing should meet the requirements established in the regulations in force.

Chemical protection

Users use protection clothing against chemical products to prevent direct contact with the skin. This is a way to control a risk of exposure when it cannot be eliminated or reduced to optimal levels so as not to need those PPEs.

There are different types of chemical protective clothing.

Electrostatic charging

Electrostatic clothing has been designed to protect the user and the products in jobs where there is a risk of incendiary discharges caused by static electricity.

For works where there is a risk of receiving incendiary discharges produced by static electricity. Protection clothing should comply with the regulations in force, which state the requirements to be met.

If you are an industrial worker or your work involves the inspection and installation of electronic components, it is important to protect yourself against static electricity and electrostatic discharges with work clothing with electrostatic properties. This is essential for your own safety, but it is also important in terms of protecting the equipment, products and machinery that are particularly sensitive to static electricity.   

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