Protection gloves protect the hands against impacts, wounds, cuts, heat, electrical power and contact with aggressive substances when handling materials and using tools. When arm protection is needed, the gloves should be long or complemented with false sleeves of the same material.

Leitat offers the certification service for the following protection gloves:

Mechanical protection

Mechanical protection gloves protect against risks of abrasion, cuts, tearing, penetration and/or impacts on parts of the hands such as the knuckles or the palm.

Thermal protection and firefighters

Thermal protection gloves protect against burns from exposure to heat or flame (fire, contact heat, convective heat, radiant heat, small splashes, etc.).

Firefighter’s gloves protect the hands and a part of the arms and have been designed to endure the fire during searching and rescuing.

Cold-protection gloves protect against convective and conductive cold.

Chemical protection

This type of gloves has been designed to protect against chemical substances that can produce some type of reaction when in contact with the skin, such as burns or irritation, depending on the level of danger of that substance.

Gloves for motorcyclists

These gloves have been designed to provide high protection when riding a motorbike. Made of high-resistance materials and require different types of protection.

Weather protection is another important advantage for using this type of gloves, whether protection against the sun, the cold climate, the wind, the rain, and other outdoor factors.

In some cases, hands sweat and there is a risk of accident if not wearing the proper gloves, as the skin slips in contact with rubber losing the gripping properties and sensitivity.

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