Here at Leitat, innovation is all about solving industrial technological challenges efficiently and effectively.


Leitat aims to generate technological knowledge and innovation, managing technologies and talent. Leitat is a brand of the private entity Acondicionamiento Tarrasense and recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

2. Who owns Leitat?

Leitat is a private, non-profit association of industrialists with its own legal status and assets, established in 1906. It regulates its activities in accordance with current regulations, its bylaws, and its internal regulations.

3. What does Leitat offer?

Leitat leverages proactivity and proximity to provide flexible management in an open innovation environment as a collaboration and cooperation vehicle for technology transfer, while fostering the principles of professionalism, respect for people and the environment.

4. How does Leitat improve competitiveness on an industrial level?

It fosters the implementation of industrial innovation by promoting the modernisation of production structures and the development of new products with high technological value while meeting the ever-changing demands of the global market.

5. How does Leitat meet technological needs?

Leveraging its technological expertise, Leitat consistently generates knowledge, develops talent, and provides the latest technology equipment and cutting-edge facilities, enabling us to respond to the specific and technological needs of their clients.

6. Why does it work on a multisector level?

Because it applies diverse technologies to different industries with a greater cost-effectiveness of technology, creating and expanding new opportunities. In so doing, it establishes interfaces between previously unconnected sectors. In order to achieve this, Leitat does not spread itself too thinly but instead focuses its activity on the following select industries: transport, construction, packaging, textiles, energy, environment, food, cosmetics, detergency, healthcare, pharmaceutical & veterinary, chemical & materials, biotechnology and safety & maritime.

7. How does Leitat partner with businesses and institutions?

Leitat leverages its experience and flexibility to sign partnership agreements, joining forces with other experts to tackle industrial technology challenges at every step along the value-added chain and foster entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

8. What experience does Leitat have with industrial partnerships?

For more than 100 years, Leitat has been making an impact on businesses and other organisations through the management of research, development, and industrial innovation proposals, spearheading and participating in strategic projects and generating assets and knowledge.

9. What is Leitat's geographical sphere of action?

In addition to working intensively in Spain, Leitat spearheads and actively participates in numerous international partnerships projects and networks, both in Europe and in other geographical areas with convergent interests.