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R+D oriented to the acquirement of new materials and nanomaterials

Main research fields:

  • Synthesis and functionalization of nanomaterials for their later application in different families of nanocomposites.
  • Nanosecurity and study on the environmental impact during the life cycle of the nanomaterials.
  • Synthesis, extrusion, injection, infusion and study of polymers recycling and polymeric composites.
  • Synthesis and design of organic, mineral and hybrid multifunctional materials to be applied in electronics, textile sector, energy, building and environment.
  • Engineering and surface analysis by physical and chemical processes.
  • New technical and smart textiles.

Some of the subject matters of the Projects being carried out are:

  • Research on textiles for the global protection of fire-fighters by modelling comfort –protection, functionality; and protective garments for emergency equipment.
  • Application of nanotechnology and ecofriendly materials in the transport sector.
  • Smart and environmentally sustainable materials for the generation of structures in compound materials: CENIT TARGET.
  • Model of integral management of recovering and recycling waste coming from port and fishing, tanning of leather and polyester or packaging activities.
  • Use of nanotechnology for the improvement of thermoelectric materials with the aim of making the mass-production of these devices profitable.
  • Toxicology and environmental impact on nanomaterials derived from the transformation and recycling of nanocompound polymers used in different industrial applications.



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