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HeadquarterThe winning project, designed by B01 Architects S.C.P., is mainly based in sustainability, technological innovation and integration into the environment.

The new LEITAT Technological Center is located at the former grounds of the special education school Virgin of Fatima, in the Parc Científic i Tecnològic de Terrassa – Orbital.40 close to the Audiovisual City Complex in Terrassa (the former Thorax Hospital).

Following the call for an open tender to create the new building, six projects were presented. After a severe assessment of a specialist jury the LEITAT Technological Center got the winning project. The chosen work has been developed by B01 Architects studio and the project has been managed by Roser Amadó and Lluís Domènech, solving all necessities and objectives that a center like LEITAT requires: innovation, functionality, sustainability, environmental quality, new technologies and adaptation to the environment.

The image projected by the winning proposal could stay at the border between fantasy and reality, being completely integrated into the pine trees forest surrounding it. It seeks the fusion between technology and nature in the same environment. The land properties have conditioned the proposal, but have also made its final application to be harmonious and a new extension of the landscape. Thereby, in the distance it is only visible the roof emerging from the trees and topped by the entity’s logo.

The topographical distribution of the structure, formed by three levels, is been used to create three different spaces, two rectangular at the highest and lowest part of the ground connected by a central block, that is the public entrance to the building. The venue, with more than 9.000 square meters, is divided according to different necessities to locate the technologically advanced equipment of the entity, such as precision instruments, climatic cameras, workshops and laboratories, as well as offices, auditoriums, showrooms, training rooms…

One of the highlights of this project is a car park for workers located at the roof of the building.

The designers of the winning project, B01 Architects S.C.P., have created the building in collaboration with MASTER S.A. engineering. Some of the most relevant works of B01 Architects include the Tàpies Foundation, the Archive of the Aragon Crown or the headquarters of Metal Carbides, all in Barcelona, and many works in the Historic Center of Lleida. On the other hand, Master is a strong engineering company which had already collaborated before with B01 and it has a senior experience in offices, laboratories and research centers.

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