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From a traditional structure to a flexible and dynamic organization, LEITAT seeks to ensure a rapid and effective response by reducing levels of decision-making and bureaucracy. Prioritizing teams work and projects with a horizontal communication and a definition of responsibilities in order to achieve meet the expectations of the client and society

R & D into new drugs aimed at cancer therapy, generation of monoclonal antibodies customized, Identification of new therapeutic indications for drugs, design of biosensors and diagnostic kits.

Development of in vitro cellular models to predict their efficiency, security and mechanism of action of molecules in development in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Research on in vitro actives and NCE (new chemical entities) to predict their efficiency, security, screening and optimization.

Industrial Biotech
R & D in biotechnological solutions (microorganisms and enzymes) with application in industrial processes. Development and study of the effectiveness of antimicrobial, antifungal and dust mite.

Customized preparation and characterization of new nanomaterials, nanofibers and nanofluids with new advanced properties for application in several industries.

Assessment of risk to human health and the environment from the use of nanomaterials in products, R & D production methods and recycling of nanomaterials.

Surface Treatments
R & D and monitoring specific functionalization of surfaces with new advanced technologies, optimization of formulations and industrial finishing processes

Smart Systems
R & D in new concepts of intelligent systems based on sensors - actuators; industrial application of the thermoelectricity; new generation and energy transfer methods.

Renewable Energies
R & D on new solar cells and solar concentrators, R & D on thermoelectric materials for implementation of Energy Harvesting; biopiles and mass storage Biorefinery.

Treatment and Minimization of industrial water consumption for advanced technologies, energy efficiency studies and life cycle analysis.

Treatment and Minimization of industrial water consumption for advanced technologies. Studies on energy efficiency and life cycle analysis.

Textile Technologies
R & D on new textiles and textile applications through a full investigation from spinning to clothing, technical textiles, personal protective equipment, textiles and smart electronics integration.

Advanced Polymers
Preparation of new polymers and biopolymers. R & D in composites and nanocomposites for high performance and sustainable. Studies of recyclable and new applications.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
R & D aimed at adding value and sustainability for FMCG products. Methods and technologies for the treatment, protection, maintenance and improve of different products in the domestic and industrial sphere e industrial.

Analytical Chemistry
Development, validation and application of new analytical methods. Studies of emerging pollutants. R & D aimed at the recovery of waste and materials from renewable sources, preparative and industrial chemistry Replacing highly dangerous chemical reagents.

New Production Processes
(R+D) and industrial support in new additive manufacturing processes. Design and adequacy of industrial processes, productive tools and prototypes. Manufacturing processes for obtaining new products of high performance optimization.

Maritime LEIMAR
R+D+i applied to the sea sector including navigation, fishing, port activities, aquiculture, subaquatic activity, building, repair&refit and sea transport. Security, sea environment, industrial ecology, energy, logistics, commerce and sport are the fields of action.

Industrial Sustainability
Ecoproduction. Ecodesign and Life Cycle Assessment. Ecolabel and Environmental Communication. Training and environmental awareness.



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